Brownstone Contractor at Brooklyn

Perfect Contracting Co. is a Contractor for Roofing Work at Brooklyn, and Manhattan. We specialize in facade renovation, brownstone restoration, brick pointing, stone pointing, cement work, brownstone facade renovation, and re-pointing. Brick Pointing can be done for entire buildings, whole houses or even one single spot. Pointing and also includes grinding out mortar joints and refilling the area with new mortar. We replace all broken bricks with new matching bricks, and remove old concrete chimney-caps and pour new caps for proper water runoff.

Whenever your home may need brick/stone pointing or stone re-pointing services, we are your best choice to go for. We have quality workmanship and our team has masonry skills you won’t find anywhere else. We will properly point the stone/brick, and keep your stone or brick looking excellent for many years to come. Whenever you have a project that requires pointing, be sure to call Perfect Contracting because we will be able to make your home look excellent and be durable for many decades to come.